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What you don’t know about Tenneson Nissan that you should:

Nissan isn’t considered a luxury brand but we’re challenging that. Our store is dedicated to providing a luxury experience to all of our customers before and after they buy. Shopping for a new vehicle? Let us set you up with a VIP appointment. Coming in for service? Enjoy free oil changes for life on top of our 20 Year/200K warranty!

We reject the idea of “what you see, is what you get.” If you’re looking to purchase a Nissan and we don’t have it on our lot, we’ll get it for you. We have all Nissan models in stock, all year round, but we make sure the exact color, or tech package, or drivetrain our customers want, they get— even if we have to seek it out for them.

We understand shopping for a new vehicle is a job in and of itself. We ease that burden for our customers with our Transparent Pricing. Use our Transparent Pricing to get an instant purchase or lease quote online, so you’ll know our price even before we know you. We’ll show you all of the discounts you’ll receive and why they’re applied.

Why Nissan?

Too many brands out there only excel in one body style, but Nissan offers quality vehicles in a variety of models and body styles, so there’s a vehicle for every driver.

Have you heard of our Zero Gravity Seats? We warn you, once you sit in one you’ll never want another type of seat in your vehicle. Designed to support the body at its optimal relaxed position, they take the stress out of driving.

Nissan makes it its mission to give its customers’ reasonable and affordable prices so you don’t have to break the bank to get a vehicle that meets your checklist.

What about tech?

All Nissan vehicles come standard with a NissanConnect® trial, which allows you to control your Nissan using your phone from anywhere! What can you control?

  • Start & stop your Nissan
  • Lock and unlock from just about anywhere
  • Remote Horn and Lights Control
  • Get Directions
  • My Car Finder
  • Get vehicle health alerts
  • Receive service reminders
  • Make secure payments
  • Stolen vehicle locator

Tall on service, short on price, we stand up to the competition in any contest.