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There’s no question that Covid-19 has impacted the country and the Tifton community in profound ways. Not only do residents have to deal with the physical and mental toll of the virus, but many may also be struggling financially. 

If you lost your job due to Covid-19 layoffs, have had a cut in your pay, or if you’re paying large medical bills, you may be looking for areas in your budget to save money. If you’re unable to make your Nissan car payments, car payment relief from Tenneson Nissan may be an option for you. Read our blog to learn more about how Tenneson Nissan can help you and your family prioritize your budget. You can also learn how Tenneson Nissan is keeping our customers up-to-date on our business amid the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Financial Services at Tenneson Nissan

Staying up to date with your car lease or loan payments may be difficult or feel impossible if you’re struggling financially. The loss of your Tifton job, a pay cut, or large medical bills can put a significant toll on your finances and your health. If you feel you are unable to make your loan or lease payments this month or in the future, it’s important that you contact our finance center as soon as you can. 

Currently, Tenneson Nissan doesn’t have a predetermined relief program for Albany-area drivers. However, our finance team can review your request for lease or loan relief on a case by case basis. Gather your current financial information and your lease or loan documents and contact our finance center to discuss your car payment relief options. You may qualify for a loan or lease deferment. 

What is Loan Deferment?

If you qualify for a loan or lease deferment from Tenneson Nissan, you may be wondering what that means or how it will impact your credit score. We’ve listed all the information Douglas drivers need to know about the deferment process below:

More About Loan/Lease Deferment

If you qualify for a loan or lease deferment from Tenneson Nissan, you will be allowed to skip payments without penalty during the deferment period. You may still use your vehicle during this time as well. After the deferment period ends, you will begin making payments again.

To make up for the missed payments, your loan or lease will be extended for the same amount of time your deferment was for. For example: if you took a deferment for three months, once your loan or lease term ends, you will continue to pay for three more months to make up the missed payments from the deferment period. 

Will Deferment Affect My Credit Score?

If you are approved for a deferment by Tenneson Nissan, your credit score will not be affected. Since you and the dealership agreed to the new plan, the deferment will not be reported to the three credit bureaus. If you miss a payment that is not covered under the deferment or miss a payment after the deferment ends, it will be reported as if it were a regular missed payment under your plan. 

How Do I Get a Deferment?

Tenneson Nissan is taking deferment requests on a case-by-case basis at this time. Contact our finance center to discuss your finances and learn more about deferment and the other car payment relief options available to you. 

End of Lease Opportunities

If you have a lease through Tenneson Nissan and you’re almost at the end of your term, you may not be in a position to release the vehicle to the dealership or transfer the lease to a loan due to your financial circumstances. If you are unable to make end-of-lease arrangements, you can request an extension or another form of car payment relief by contacting our finance center. 

Trust in Tenneson Nissan for Car Payment Relief

The staff at Tenneson Nissan understands that these are unprecedented times and you and your family may be facing a lot of unknowns in your future. Let us help you find a way to defer your payments or make an alternate payment plan so you can prioritize the needs of your family. Contact us to set up an appointment to talk to one of our team members. You can reach us online or by the phone at 229-382-7777 during normal business hours: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday – Friday.

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