Why Are My Brakes Grinding?

Nissan mechanic checking brakes


During your Tifton commute, you may be shocked by the sound of your brakes making a grinding noise. Your immediate thought might be, “Why are my brakes grinding and how can I make it stop?” Not only does this piercing racket disrupt your peaceful drives, but this is also a sign that your braking system needs attention. It’s best not to leave this service for another time as the National Highway Safety Administration found that as many as 25% of all road accidents can be the result of fault brakes. Read on with Tenneson Nissan to explore the reasons behind your brakes making a grinding noise, and schedule your service today! 

Brakes Grinding When Stopping

When you’re hearing that raucous sound, it helps to identify when you are hearing it. If you notice the brakes grinding when stopping, it can be for reasons such as: 

  • One of the more common reasons you hear your brakes grinding when stopping is the result of faulty brake pads. As your brake pads begin to lose their thickness, that squealing you hear is called “brake scrubbing.” When they see too much wear, you’ll hear a grinding noise instead.
  • A sharp grinding noise paired with a rumble in your pedal may also be the result of issues with your brake disc and calipers. This means it’s time to schedule a visit to a Albany-area service center as you may require a brake pad replacement, or even a disc or rotor replacement.
  • If your brakes make a grinding noise when coming to a full stop, it may be your Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). This may also cause vibrations in your pedal as your ABS will activate when you apply the full brakes. 

Brakes Noise During Driving

Your brake noise can simply be the result of your trips around Douglas as rocks and debris from the road can be bouncing off the caliper and rotor. While this is an easy service, it is essential to have the issues solved quickly as repeated damage can lead to even larger problems. If you know your way around the brake system, you can simply remove the debris yourself, however, the certified technicians in our service center can easily take care of the problem and perform an inspection to make sure that your brake issues are completely addressed. 

Schedule Service with the Tenneson Nissan Service Center! 

Contact the team at Tenneson Nissan when you’re wondering, “Why are my brakes grinding?” Our factory-trained mechanics use genuine OEM Nissan parts, so you have peace of mind that you have reliable and lasting service. To save on your next visit, be sure to take advantage of our service specials.

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