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Nissan Global Eco Initiative In Tifton, GA

Nissan Global Eco Initiative In Tifton, GA View Inventory

One of the most critical issues auto manufacturers face is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. The most substantial amount of emissions come during the vehicle's use. To combat this, Nissan has implemented a long-term goal of reducing CO2 emissions from new cars by approximately 70% between the year 2000 and 2050. To hit this target, Nissan is integrating a variety of tactics including the development of electric cars, fuel-cell power, and battery technologies. These tactics are in conjunction with the ongoing mandate to substantially improve the fuel efficiency of their gasoline automobiles.

Nissan Motors developed the Nissan Green Program to help create a sustainable mobile society. The overall reduction of fossil fuel emissions is a significant step in achieving this goal. By minimizing these emissions and addressing environmental challenges, we help preserve Earth's water, soil, and atmosphere. The Nissan Green Program also looks at the reducing CO2 emissions in both its automobiles and its corporate endeavors. The program includes its offices, manufacturing plants, and shops as well.

A major step toward the 70% reduction goal came in 2011. The 100 Percent Electric LEAF was unveiled. The new pilot program to promote zero-emission mobility led to the Nissan Green Program in 2016. At present, by partnering with Wuhan, planning is underway for a complete rollout of electric cars into China. Nissan's environmental philosophy is a “Symbiosis of People, Vehicles, and Nature.” According to Nissan, achieving this requires a more substantial application of fuel-efficient autos, minimizing the dependence upon natural resources, carbon footprint minimization at the corporate level, and the penetration of zero-emission cars, trucks, and SUVs into the global market.

Awards and Press For Nissan Global Eco Initiative

Since its inception in 2011, the Nissan LEAF has been heralded for its innovation, design, aerodynamics, and positive environmental impact. In December of that year, the LEAF won the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame Car of the Year and Car Design of the Year awards. The Automotive Science Group heralded the LEAF as the Greenest Car Available for being a plug-in automobile that runs entirely on electricity and produces zero emissions.

Nissan continues to be recognized globally as one of the world's greenest brands. According to Interbrand’s annual Best Global Green Brands Report, in 2014 Nissan ranked fourth on the Interbrand Best Global Green Brands Report. The report specifically mentioned Nissan's leadership in electric car development, production, and infrastructure.

In 2015, Nissan received the ENERGY STAR Partner - Sustained Excellence Award. The acknowledgment marked the fourth year in a row Nissan was recognized for their commitment to reduce CO2 emissions from their automobiles and their operations.

How Nissan Alleviates Pollution and Environmental Concerns

Nissan Manufacturing Facilities

Currently, Nissan manufactures automobiles in twenty countries. To increase efficiency and decrease energy in each of those plants, Nissan looks for renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, water, and biogas. The Nissan Energy Savings Collaboration (NESCO) monitors energy loss then designs countermeasures to reduce CO2 emissions by 30,000 tons annually. One of the methods Nissan uses to transport their fleet is an ultra-efficient, solar-powered, car-carrying boat.

Better Fuel Efficiency for Gasoline Vehicles

In addition to promoting the spread of zero-emission vehicles, Nissan believes it is also important to reduce global CO2 emissions by drastically improving the fuel efficiency of internal-combustion engines. To reduce the CO2 emissions gasoline engines create, Nissan is developing diesel engines and hybrid system technologies for mass application.

Hybrid Electric Cars

Hybrid cars are exactly that. They are a combination of an internal-combustion engine and an electric motor. This team emits substantially less CO2 than an internal-combustion engine operating on its own. In 2007, Nissan launched the Altima Hybrid in North America.

Developing Biofuel Methods

Biofuels are renewable energy sources primarily made from plants. All new gasoline-fueled, Nissan engines are designed to run on gasoline that has a 10% blend of bioethanol to help reduce CO2 emissions.

Three Green Nissan Program Cars For Sale

Nissan offers a range of environmentally friendly cars to drive ranging from Fuel Cell powered engines to Hybrids, to Low Emission cars. While Hybrids have very low CO2 emissions, Fuel Cell cars produce zero CO2 emissions. Combining electric, hybrid, and natural gas technologies, the electric energy generation emits only water vapor. Low emission engines are more traditionally designed cars that Nissan modifies to release lower emissions.

Some of these new Nissan models include the LEAF, Versa Note, and Sentra. Motoring enthusiasts and environmental lovers enjoy the LEAF for its roomy interior, beautiful handling, and fun drive. The fully charged battery delivers an 84-mile range in the base model. Higher end trim options increase that range to 107 miles, and a quick charge port.

The 2018 Versa Note produces low emissions thanks to the 109-hp 1.6-liter DOHC 4-cylinder engine. A few key features on the new Versa Note SV are thirty-one miles-per-gallon in the city, thirty-nine on the highway, and 109 horsepower. Notable amenities are Remote Keyless Entry, RearView Monitor, and Remote keyless entry. The 2018 Nissan Sentra SL delivers twenty-nine miles-per-gallon in the city, thirty-seven on the highway and yields 124 horsepower. A few key features are its Leather-appointed seats Intelligent Cruise Control, and Power sliding glass moonroof with tilt.

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