Fortress Certified Warranty Cancellation



Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Does cancelling my warranty change my monthly payment?

    • No cancelling your warranty will not lower or effect your monthly payment since this was built into your contract

  • Will refinancing my vehicle effect my warranty?

    • No, you do not have to cancel your warranty if you plan to refinance and your vehicle will remain covered regardless of who your lien holder is.

  • Can I transfer my warranty if I sell the vehicle?

    • Yes, when selling your vehicle you can transfer the warranty within 15 days of the sale and for a $50.00 one time fee




Cancelling Your Warranty

Our Fortress Certified Warranty provides our customers with the peace of mind that they have purchased a quality pre-owned vehicle but we understand that circumstances can change. If you need assistance in transferring your warranty, questions about your warranty during refinancing or are looking to cancel your Fortress Certified Warranty, please contact our team.


Warranty Cancellation

Please complete the form below to request cancellation of your Fortress Warranty. If your vehicle has been sold, traded, or paid off, please upload a copy of your buyer's order, odometer statement, or letter from lien holder in the provided areas. Please allow4 to 6 weeks for your request to be finalized. You can also fax us a copy of these documents to (866) 719-2738.
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