How Can I Get Car Financing with a Bad Credit Score?

Credit Scores

Here at Tenneson Nissan, drivers from Tifton often ask us, “Can I get a car loan with bad credit?” The answer is a resounding yes! Tenneson Nissan has a finance team that’s ready to teach you how to get a car loan with bad credit. We’ll help you through every step of the process, including how to apply for financing online. 

How Can You Finance a Car with Bad Credit?

Do you know how to get a car with bad credit? Tenneson Nissan is interested in telling you how to get a bad credit car loan. All you need to do is apply for financing online to get pre-approved. After that, you’ll work directly with our finance experts to figure out a payment plan that’s right for your needs. You’ll be glad to know that you’re in a low-pressure environment when you get your car loan taken care of with us.

What Steps Should I Take To Get a Car Loan with Bad Credit?

If you’re looking into taking out a bad credit car loan, there are a few things you’ll want to get together beforehand to make sure you’re making the best financial decision. This is what you’ll want to know:

  • Determine what you can afford to pay. This isn’t just the monthly payment, Albany drivers! It also factors in annual registration fees, car insurance, maintenance costs, and gas.
  • Make a larger down payment if you can. If you don’t have the best credit, you’ll want to get a larger down payment so lenders will see you more favorably as a borrower. In addition, a larger down payment will give you a smaller loan balance to pay off, leading to less interest paid overall.
  • Clean up your credit as best you can. If you run into any errors on your credit report, dispute then because they might be dragging down your credit score. If you’ve got any outstanding debts, you’ll want to pay them down where possible. Even a small debt will help you out.

Get Your Car Financed with Our Team

Looking to secure a bad credit car loan at Tenneson Nissan near Douglas? We’ll help you through the entire process. Value your trade with us online to see how we can help you. We’ll answer your every question should you contact us for more information.

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